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ADVOCATE - 110 Pics From the Big Book of Bears, Otters, Foxes by Cerf Photography

Cerf Photography's new photo book loves big men, small men, men of color, and men of many nations.

One of our favorite photographers has released his first book, The Men of Cerf (Amazon). Cerf is a self-taught photographer from Belgium. He comes from the arts world of literature, theater, and paintings, it was a logical step to create his own art. In his first book you'll find his best pictures*. Unique and with compassion and empathy, Cerf shares with us his view on beauty and the love that exists in every person. (*Not all the photos here are necessarily included in this new book.)

The models of Cerf Photography are not models. They are simply men, beautiful in their variety and very present in their vulnerability.

"To catch the emotions through my lens, which are normally not visible, to be part of this moment, when the soul starts to talk without speaking and make it everlasting - this is what my work is about," the photographer, Cerf, tells us.

What is very apparent in the photos is the relationship the photographer has with the men he shoots. Cerf speaks to his subjects while he photographs them, searching for the connection, the telling moment that will move him and thus move us.



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